Middle School Performance Training: 6th-8th grade: 11-14 yrs old


Preparation The “A, B, C, of building movement efficiency”

  • Agility, Balance, Control
  • Emphasis on Sprint Mechanics


  • Low-level vertical and horizontal
  • Emphasis on deceleration landing and low-grade intensity with high volume.

Movement Mechanics

  • Circuits of footwork, reactive agility and competitive stations with movement patterns in all directions and deceleration



3-Week Training Blocks

  • Young Athletes before and during puberty need to be primarily using bands, and body weight with no axal loading (no bars on back or compression of spine).
  • Assigned volume (sets and reps along with tempo) will increase week to week within a given training block.
  • The volume changes are based on the reverse periodization model where we focus on shorter more intense training sessions over a period of time i.e 1 week.
  • All weight training sessions (bands and body weight training) are based on 3 factors 1:rate of development, 2: age and 3: sport(s) played.