College & Professional

Movement Training

Advanced Prep

  • Advanced warm-ups for CNS activation, muscle and joint prep. 
  • High Levels of raising the thresholds of the CNS, Muscle and skeletal systems


  • Intergrated within the movement mechanics with different degrees of difficulity 
  • Based around Horizontal power with an emphasis on Over Speed.

Movement Emphasis

  • Linear: High/Low Impact drills that emphasize over-speed and absolute speed
  • Multidirectional: loaded and unloaded footwork and agility with change of direction.
  • Sport-Specific and Position Specific: based on sport and position played.

Strength Training (Weight Room)

Advanced undulating 3-4 week training blocks

  • Wk1:Split Routines: Strength/Strength Endurance/ Power 
  • Wk 2:Conjugate Training Model: Basic or Advanced
  • Wk 3/4: Peak Power: Ascending/Descending/ Traditional Undulating